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After introducing itself with the sounds of Dam Nation, digital drum ‘n bass label Eastern Promise Audio is set for a very special second release; an EP featuring the sounds of London-based dnb pioneer Double O.
Already being played out by numerous DJ’s worldwide, this release has been anticipated for a long time and will perpetuate EPA’s quest for bringing dark and atmospheric drum ‘n bass that refreshes both the ears and soul.
Double O has been rising on the scene as one of the most promising artists in the world of drum ‘n bass today, bringing the more jungle-oriented rhythms which he combines with both dark ambiance and dub-oriented vibes.
Besides releasing on various labels since the early jungle days, he and his Rupture crew have been doing their own radio show together with DJ/producer Mantra on Jungletrain, and have thrown down their own raves for the last five years in central London where the dark side of the jungle still can be found.
After EPA got introduced to his sounds, it has been awaiting to release the Why Are We Here? EP for years until it was ready to launch, and is proud to now finally do so.

The Tracks:

” All four tracks included in the EP conform to EPA’s sound of epic, atmospheric drum ‘n bass. The A-side and title track of the EP ‘Why Are We Here?’ opens up with cold jungle rhythms quickly sliding into mysterious soundscapes that evoke an icy dream state, before colliding into a dark but beautiful ride accompanied by mashing amens and deep subs. This is followed by a deep dub-influenced jungle roller on the flip side called Version From Creation, which combines the former style with industrial sounds and pads against a heavy drum ‘n bass collision. ”

A Why Are We Here?

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B Version From Creation

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“Moving on to the second plate, Drani’s Horror ain’t nothing too short of being what it says on the tin; opening up in an atmosphere of dark sounds and fearful whispering, jungle breaks soon pull up the cart to the point of departure where a madness is portrayed further through a heavy drumfunk sound and rumbling bassline that keep on morphing further into a dark void. After this chiller, the EP concludes with Stop Dem Jah, where Double O’s reggae influences pulls you a bit more towards the surface of the light again. That being said, this track has by no means been freed yet of the cold ride that the EP has told so far, and concludes it in ambiguity with raw jungle breaks, hovering sounds, and hard-hitting dub stabs. All in all, we hope that this release certainly won’t be the last that Double O has to offer on EPA, and that it will show you what this man is about.”

C Drani’s Horror

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D Stop Dem Jah

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Eastern Promise Audio EPA02 is now for sale online from our own website, Bandcamp, Juno Download, Digital-Tunes, and Chemical Records.

EPA02: ‘ Why Are We Here? ‘ EP
Artist: Double O
Release Date: 30-11-2011
Format: mp3 and wave
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Owner Sub strikes with a wicked new drum and bass and jungle compilation, which will be available for purchase on december 16, 2011 on Syncopathic Recordings.

The Syncopaths Vol.3 features Phuture-T’s ‘Indica’ and Double O’s ‘Hypnotise’,
representing the sounds of Eastern Promise Audio! More tracks by Acid Lab, Dj Trax, Theory, Macc and many more artist. Listen in here:

The Syncopaths Vol. 3 :: D’n'B // Forthcoming in December!! by [sub] // SyncopathicRecs

The Syncopaths :: Vol. 3 // D’n'B

Released by: Syncopathic.Recordings
Release/catalogue number: SYNCO028
Release date: Dec 16, 2011


1 dj trax – windows to the soul
2 theory – foundation 11
3 invisible landscape – running man
4 fushara & buzz – trigger for change
5 macc – from a long way
6 acid lab – density
7 phuture-t – indica
8 double 0 – hypnotise
9 parallel & tim reaper – the bird tune
10 sub & nic tvg – kindly garden snakes

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Omni Music


01. Infest & Quasi – Uprising
02. Infest & Quasi – The Unseen
03. Infest – Blue Nature
04. Infest – Blue Nature (Eschaton’s remix)

Omni Music continues to go from strength to strength with a new free release courtesy of Infest and Quasi. This duo has been making rumblings on the scene for a while now and we are happy to showcase their talents with this tremendous excursion into deep beats and atmospheres. Taking inspiration from Oldskool Metalheadz sounds (a la Platinum breaks) and mixing it with their own foreboding melodies, Uprising and The Unseen will be appreciated by those who like their breaks deep, driving and complex while surfing on a sea of analogue dystopia.

The EP closes with the GLR inspired sounds of Blue Nature where crisp clean amens caress beautiful serene pads to create another timless piece, accompanied by a remix from label owner Eschaton, who takes the original vibe and twists it to fit his ethereal drum and bass template. Omni Music will have much more to follow from these two exciting artists who have also been supported by DJ Trace’s new resurgence and by Paradox on his seminal inprint ‘Outsider’.

Watch this space in the future…..

Recorded and mixed by R. Peperkamp and S. Huizing
Mastering by Tim van Noort
All tracks are copyright Omni Music 2011.
Artwork by: Robbert Peperkamp

Grab this EP here for free:
Omni Music

We proudly present the second release on Eastern Promise Audio:
The long awaited “Why Are We Here” EP, which features four big tracks by amen master Double O, great material for the headz loving the beats and dark sounscapes.
EPA02 is hitting all good download stores on november 30th 2011.
Check out the artwork by Infest and click on the artwork to listen to audio clips on Chemical Records.
Also be sure to get back to the Eastern Promise Audio website for an official press release and a high resolution artwork.

Want to hear fresh forthcoming releases by Phuture-T? Getting signed with wicked labels such as Syncopathic Recordings by Sub and Trace’s legendary imprint DSCI4, Phuture-T is bringing pure jungle and drumfunk vibes to the masses.
Check out the clips featured on soundcloud below:

Phuture-T – Rupture (forthcoming on DSCI4: Amen Warfare, double CD out dec12-2011) by Phuture-T

Phuture-T – Indica The Syncopaths Vol. 3 soon come by Phuture-T

Phuture-T – Cultivate Danger Chamber LP out now! by Phuture-T

Phuture-T – Jungle (What Happened To) United Nations of Jungle / Junglist Manifesto (jan 2012) by Phuture-T

Phuture-T Live at Rupture 5th B-Day, Corsica Studios 11.11.11 by Phuture-T