From a young age Double O’s mother and father would always buy music and play it in the house from old rock n roll 10 inch slates to reggae greats and calypso. His older brother was one of his many inspirations. He had his own reggae sound system and for him it was all about exclusive dubs and tunes, heavy bass and playing at blues party’s at his house. Double O went on to discover Soul, Raregroove, Hip hop, 80’s Electro and the earliest sounds of Detroit Techno, while he continued to bless the Mic for a variety of the Reggae and Dub Soundsystems. The dawn of the Rave era saw all of his influences get thrown together into a melting pot, and inspired him to take up DJing, resulting in a residency at the Warehouse in Doncaster, playing alongside DJ’s like Carl Cox, Kenny Ken, Grooverider, Jumpin Jack Frost, LTJ Bukem; the rest is history as releases followed on labels as diverse as Formation, Lab Logic, DZR, Cylon, Hidden Hawaii, Digi Lab and Syncopathic. His style is very much a purist’s approach to the harder end of modern Jungle, sample based, syncopated and fuelled with ten tonnes of solid sub bass pressure. He divides his time between DJ-ing, production, promoting his Rupture night with partner in crime DJ Mantra.

Tracks by Double O


There are three different projects called: Acid_Lab, Kodama & Parametric. They all stand for various musical tastes and since 2008, Acid_Lab aka Kodama aka Parametric has scored label debuts and / or second appearances on Cause 4 Concern, Santorin, Basswerk, Break-Fast Audio, Mindtech, Urban Poetry (to name a few…) and finally made his vinyl debut on Alphacut Records and Absys. His signature oldschool sound is continuing to spread. He got airplay and support from artists like: Reza, John Rolodex, Loxy, Gremlinz, Mindmapper, Fade, Stray, Optiv, Cruel Culture, Telmo A, Bailey, Kaiza, DJ Turrican, Double O, LXC, TGM, Scale, Mental Forces, Ulterior Motive, Nuage, Phuture-T, Sub, Stranjah, Fre4knc, Skitty, Ibunshi and many more… Watch out for further releases in 2014 on Trace’s 117, Machinist Music, Rupture and Eastern Promise Audio.

Tracks by Acid_Lab


Veteran selector Rumbleton began his career as a DJ with Tremor Soundcrew in 1991, an experience that would expose him to styles such as HipHop, House, Techno, Breakbeats, Hardcore, and Dub. Following the musical progression that lead to Jungle he began to follow Toronto sound systems such as Delirium and around 1993-94 he turned entirely to Jungle / Drum and Bass. He went on to select under the name DJ Royal Rumble for the legendary Toronto junglist sounds Bottom Line Kru, Empire Productions, and a host of other promoters. It was in 1996 that he was given the name Rumbleton by his long time friend and MC, Lucky General. Rumbleton soon began to shift his focus from DJing to production and in 1998 he cut his first self produced acetate, co produced by Alex Darkness. He continued to DJ as co-host of Jungle Airwaves on 100.7 FM with Easy Rush, while working in the D&B department at DML Records in Scarborough with Ryan Ruckus, all the while building up his own studio. Rumbleton’s own tunes began surfacing worldwide and he now represents internationally with releases for labels such as Outsider Music, Scientific Wax, Wreckanise Audio, and Eastern Promise Audio. Rumbleton can be heard live on fridays bi-weekly on

Tracks by Rumbleton


Infest aka Robbert Peperkamp was born in s’Hertogenbosch in 1984 and was raised in Oss, The Netherlands.
At the age of 12 he started playing guitar and after a couple of years of practice he formed a band with some friends. In 2004, his passion for Drum ‘n Bass was born and he started mixing Drum ‘n Bass and began experimenting with sounds on his computer.That year he met Quasi and Guila who shared his interests in Hiphop, Jazz, Funk and Drum ‘n Bass and formed the Pitch Control Crew in which Leonux, Flowtrigger and Noie soon joined forces. In 2008 Infest spend more time in his studio to develop his sound. Now, his mixing and music production style is focused to the
more deeper and breaky stuff which is inspired by bands like Radiohead, Saxonshore, Cinematic Orchestra, Skalpel and producers like Paradox,
Breakage, Equinox, Seba, Source Direct, old Photek, old Dillinja and Ltj Bukem. Current tunes by Infest are released on Outsider Music and DigiBeat Music and with an album on the way this man is one to watch out for !

Tracks by Infest


New Orleans based Drum&Bass Jungle. Label affiliations: SC Digital, Omni Music, Pinecone Moonshine, Lightless, Manifesto, Flatwoods Creative, Digibeat, Criminal Records UK, Dysfunk, Jungletrain Recordings and Eastern Promise Audio
BelowCLevel Radio on alternating Wednesdays 8-11 CST (2-5 GMT) on Big up all crew!

Tracks by Greenleaf


What sometimes starts as a simple experiment can at times turn into a monster, a beautiful one even. Proof for this is EPA’s production force Dam Nation, with no less than 5 members gathering together to blend their skills into one sound which is a prime example of originality. Phuture-T, Splinter, Logikz, Drome and Reactor Grits partake in creating drum ‘n bass full of eastern oriented sounds, experimental modernism and home-made sounds. This has resulted in mind-blazing tracks such as Mescaline and Under Dementia. The secret between 5 producers in one studio who have been able sine 2004 to create sounds like these shall remain a secret, but EPA is proud to present their output to amaze you with what might be one of the rarest sorts of production forces alive today.

Tracks by Dam Nation


Phuture-T started spinning records in 2002. He started off mixing gabber, techno and UK hardouse but fell in love with playing drum and bass from around 2003-2004. Since then he has been playing on numerous party’s in Holland at places like Melkweg, Vera, Doornroosje, Tivoli and the Mezz. Abroad Phuture-T played twice at the mighty full moon party on Koh-Phangan in Thailand and in 2007 he won the Utecht-Massive DJ contest in Holland . Apart from having been an RSA DJ representative for many years now, Phuture-T has been most devoted the last couple of years on a production tip, getting signed with many labels on the internet like Alphacut Records, Break-Fast Audio, DigiBeatMusic, Uncertified Music, Omni Music, DSCI4, Syncopathic Recordings and Eastern Promise Audio. He has been the thriving force behind the Eastern Promise Audio Show, which is running strong for six years now. Catch Phuture-T live on Jungletrain, bi-weekly on fridays to kick off your weekend. On top of that, he’s one of the main creative forces behind Eastern Promise Audio’s aesthetics and is expected to drop some of the deepest material for it supporting its philosophy.

Tracks by Phuture-T


As founder of RSA in the late nineties and co-founder of EPA, Reactor Grits has devoted most of his life to drum ‘n bass creation and promotion. Born as a tracker and still a tracker today (in a new environment away from the nostalgic DOS days), he believes that the core of a broken beat lies in detail and access, which now enabled him to create sounds in a way he dreamed of more than ten years ago. Collaborating with the Dam Nation crew and other various EPA members, he is planning to both produce his classic fusion and bass sounds as well as his raw and dark steppers for this label, while guaranteeing the label’s mission in bringing the releases forward which deserve the EPA seal.

Tracks by Reactor Grits


Eastern Promise Audio’s quest for new and refreshing sounds in drum ‘n bass today could maybe best start with Logikz. His devotion for production and hunger for crafting sounds unheard is expected to manifested through some of EPA’s philosophy.
Being active since the late nineties, the Swedish born Logikz moved to Amsterdam in 2004 and has created a breathtaking studio from the ground up, made to craft soundscapes where minimalism and soul can be intertwined with raw distortion and mystery. As part of EPA’s Dam Nation crew and his collaborations with Splinter, we can safely say that this man is one of our prime examples for innovation in newskool drum ‘n bass.


Having a father being a jazz journalist and music fanatic definately changed Splinter’s approach to music while growing up. Listening to mainly jazz, reggae, soul, classical and later inevitably house and other electronic music allowed Splinter to influence his style in drum&bass from different directions creating a heavy industrial, intelligent or minimal but grooving sound with dark ambiances that make a crowd move, not just fill ears with angry noise.
As fellow DJ of EPA with Phuture-T and a major production force solo as well as with other EPA members, Splinter is exemplary as producer contributing to Eastern Promise Audio. This trademark sound makes him a man to watch out for on the label, with already some mind blowing tracks lined up to prove it.
Co-host of the bi-weekly Reactor Studios Show on Jungletrain and having released with the infamous Break:Fast Audio label, no other is more ready to support the quest of Eastern Promise than Splinter.

Tracks by Splinter

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