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Get to learn more about rising star Tim Reaper and have a read on the Dogs on Acid forum. Check out the article here:
Tim Reaper Interview on DOA

Also be sure to grab the special mixtape which features Phuture-T’s remix of Rumbleton’s ‘Panther Fist Dub’, due on Eastern Promise Audio! More wicked tracks by Acid Lab, Morphy, Stranjah, Tim Reaper and Phuture-T.


Acid Lab – Density [Syncopathic]
Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]
Aspect, Gremlinz & Friske – Shank [DSCI4 Dub]
Sub Operative – Torment [Dub]
Parallel & Tim Reaper – Vega [Alphacut Dub]
Phuture-T – Indica [Syncopathic]
Greenleaf & Ricky Force – Dangerous [Dub]
Threshold – Checkerboards [DSCI4]
Rumbleton – Panther Fist Dub (Phuture-T Remix) [Eastern Promise Audio Dub]
Code 3 – Living Proof [Exit]
Stranjah – Prominence [DSCI4 Dub]
Resound – Idlers [Renegade Hardware]
NC-17 & Grimm – New Jack [Dub]
Parallapse – Vraery 18 [Dub]
Khanage – Original Sentiment [Architecture]
Phuture-T – Amazon Basin [Alphacut]
Theory – Foundation 11 [Syncopathic]
Morphy – Uptown Special [Alphacut]
Loxy & Resound – Seraphim [Renegade Hardware]
J.Robinson & Shima – Come Correct (ft. Grimm) [Architecture]
Future Cut – Whiplash (Verb Relick) [Renegade Hardware Dub]
Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars – Raising The Bar (Stray Remix) [Studio Rockers]
Greenleaf – MercyFunk [Lightless Dub]

Link to the mix: DOA Mix Tim Reaper (right click, save as).

Bay B Kane Presents: The United Nations of Jungle

A collection of 19 Jungle artists from the world over. They all came together with one goal in mind. This was to create tunes that carried the same vibe as the old school tunes of the early 90′s. This project was put together by legendary producer and Junglist Manifesto artist Bay B Kane. All of the artists involved used samples from the classic Bay B Kane “Have a Break” sample pack. What emerged is an absolute smashing tear out of an album. Over 100 tracks were entered in the competition. These are the 19 winning tracks. It could almost be considered a double album with its booming 19 tracks. OUT NOW!

The artists on this are Hidden Turn, Nino Kawasaki, Chili Banks, Bay B Kane, J Bostron, DJ Lab, Nicky Nutz, Jungle Fever, Sound Shifter, RF Project, Phuture-T, DJ Aitch, DJ Ruesta, FFF, Rawkus, The Grim Speaker, Commie Dread, Terminus & Shoco.

“I want to say a massive BIGUP! to all the producers who got involved with this project & waited with great patience while we struggled to overcome many obstacles along the way. Thanks to all those who support Jungle around the world but also those who do their best to knock Jungle @ every opportunity Bless you all..This is how we get down!”

“Peace” – Bay B Kane.

Available now on Beatport, ITunes, Amazon & anywhere digital music is sold. Check out a preview at any of the stores or at:
Juno Download
Junglist Manifesto Soundcloud

Get a taste from this wicked compilation and grab these two tracks for free:

Bay B Kane’s VIP Remix of Chili Banks’ “London Gash”.
Download (right click, save as)

Chili Banks’ original mix of “London Gash”
Download (right click, save as)


Eastern Promise Audio is assiduously continuing its quest with the third release of their brand, which will bring more of the sounds of the Dam Nation crew, who brought the label´s first release.
This time the crew brings an ambiance blended of horror and mystery, together with their unique brand of breaks to full potential with EPA03, featuring the tracks Dante´s Theorem and Effigy.

” The 5-headed production force opens EPA03 on the A-side with Dante´s Theorem, which indeed was inspired by his writings from the Divine Comedy.
The artists tried to translate the book´s atmosphere, resulting in a both light and dark sounds surrounded by mystery; opening up with icy pads and percussion,
the tune slowly progresses into a firm dance floor stepper with deep bass stabs while retaining its hellish atmosphere.
As with most of Dam Nation´s tunes, it keeps on progressing as if telling a story, like in Dante´s spiritual journey.
Switching between layers of serenity and sudden horror, this track draws sharp contrasts and tries to bring a different structure to pay homage to both Dante and Russian director Tarkovsky.”

” EPA´s third release stays in a spiritual realm when it continues on the B-side with Effigy. It seemingly presents a soft atmosphere full of subtle percussion and raindrops,
but already from the onset of the drums tells that this trip is also not going to be as light as previously felt.
It tries to symbolize both the fear and peace that depictions of death bring in its sound by bringing no rigid definition of light or dark;
They are brought together in harmony to demonstrate a serenity that is neither happy nor sad.
Both tribal percussion and vocals accompany the sound to emphasize this experience, whilst heavy subs roll over a blend of drumfunk and oldschool jungle breaks.”

Eastern Promise Audio EPA03 is for sale on Bandcamp, Juno Download, Digital-Tunes, and Chemical Records.

EPA03: A: Dante’s Theorem, B: Effigy
Artist: Dam Nation
Release Date: 30-01-2012
Format: mp3 and wave
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