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Our latest release by producer Splinter is available now exclusively from Bandcamp.

All future releases on Eastern Promise will be available for sale on Bandcamp,
where we can offer you a good price and where you can give maximum support to our artists!

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Also the full Eastern Promise Audio Back Catalogue will be available from bandcamp in the near future,
featuring special packages and bonus tracks! So keep your eyes peeled.

Available soon on Bandcamp

The fifth release from Eastern Promise Audio brings the sounds of Dutch DJ and producer Splinter, who after various releases makes his debut on the label
with some of the darkest sounds it has yet to offer.
The two tracks presented on the 5th release of the label, Elder and Dominion,
are bothworks where dark ambiance is intertwined with both raw and minimal breaks.

The two tracks have for long been reserved by the label as Splinter’s debut, since the two tracks
presented on the release were regarded as some of the most outstanding material that Splinter has
produced yet over the years. They also suit the label’s sound it tries to seek perfectly; dark, oriental
sounds meet raw drum ‘n bass once again in the Eastern Promise fashion.

Elder is without a doubt a dark trip as much as one can go wrong; deep percussion hits and oozing high passed beats signal a storm of sheer magnitude,
as raw breaks start filling the spectrum and winds blaze in the background.
It subsides into a collision where psychedelic, acidized sounds roll over deep bass stabs and tearing leads,
while snares cut through it literally sounding as knifes cutting through.
It has got to be heard to understand, since one can only envision their own world of what dark vibes this track is able to conjure. ”

” After this very much dark ride, the B-side of EPA 05 brings a more minimal and controlled sound with Dominion,
where the still present dark vibe is brought differently through more playful, techstep oriented breaks with a minimal approach.
Rather than evoking a kind of fear as Elder did, Splinter is able to make the dark vibes swinging here, even sexy.
This makes Dominion a track that essentially belongs to the dancefloor, as it apart from its futuristic, dark vibes, was made to make the body move. ”

Eastern Promise Audio EPA05 is now for sale on Bandcamp, Juno Download and Digital-Tunes!

EPA05: A: Elder, B: Dominion
Artist: Splinter
Release Date: 01-07-2012
Format: mp3 and wave

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Bustle Beats is a new offshoot from the experimental Drum & Bass label Subtle Audio, founded by Code.
A label favoured by luminaries such as Aphex Twin, Mary Anne Hobbs, Bailey and Loxy.
The Bustle Beats imprint will be a home for tracks with rugged beats and basslines, influenced by the early 90′s Jungle style, that create their own undeniably contemporary sound.

The first two 10” vinyl plates are limited edition pressings and feature some of the very best breakbeat manipulators, Equinox, Nebula, LXC and Senses who deliver the vibes in unmistakeably raw fashion.

These releases also feature parts one and two of a collectable comic strip illustrated by Louisa Donnelly, that details an imaginary battle for the survival of Jungle / Drum & Bass music.
The story will continue on future releases on Bustle Beats.

Bustle Beats
Subtle Audio

Available very soon on 10 inch! Big up to Conor & Louisa, Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats massive.

Rupture kru Double O & Mantra are proud to announce the launch of their new label Rupture LDN.
Double O and Theory step up to the stage for our debut release, both sides of which have been destroying dance floors for the last few months!

Rupture LDN 001 Theory – Rebel Alliance // Double O – Sufferation by Rupture

“On the A side, Theory’s Rebel Alliance is a thunderous amen rinseout layered with cinematic soundscapes. This track has been heavily road tested and murders the dance every time!
Double O, co-founder of Rupture brings both his production and vocal skills to the B side.
Sufferation is a deep and moody amen track that incorporates soulful pads, heavy dub bass and hardcore stabs.
These trademark Double O sounds make Sufferation a deep and heartfelt track that also causes mayhem on the dancefloor.”

The vinyl will be available from their website on the 28th of May and can also be purchased at the free label launch party, down at Corsica Studios on June the 2nd.

Website: Rupture HQ

Phuture-T Live @ Jungle Syndicate London 13-04-12 by Phuture-T


01 DBR UK – Policies / Morphy Remix
02 Mental Forces & J Robinson – Corruption / Voodoo
03 Double O – Version From Creation (Eastern Promise Audio)
04 Rumbleton – Panther Fist Dub / Phuture-T Remix (Eastern Promise Audio)
05 The Untouchables – Bass Culture
06 Kosine – Pure Shot / Morphy & Meth Remix
07 Dub-One – Watcha Man (Sci-Wax)
08 Parallel & Tim Reaper – We Go Again
09 Phuture-T – Gwarn Badman (DigiBeat Music)
10 Phuture-T – Rupture (DSCI4)
11 Skitty – Dublin (Foundation X)
12 Rumbleton – Lion Structure (Eastern Promise Audio)
13 Double O – Iroy Lion / Phuture-T Remix
14 Gremlinz – The Thorn
15 Rufige Kru – Manslaughter (Rider Proto Mix)
16 Double O – Number One Sound
17 Double O – Why Are We Here? (Eastern Promise Audio)
18 J Majik – Your Sound / Remix (Metalheadz)
19 Equinox – Acid Rain / Breakage Final Chapter rmx (Planet Mu)
20 Paradox – Antilogy
21 Phuture-T – World Awakening
22 Dom & Kemal – Moulin Rouge / Kaos, Karl K & Dieselboy Remix
23 Phuture-T – Turbulence
24 Theory – Rebel Alliance (Rupture LND 001)
25 Dub-One – Below (Sci-Wax)





More sets by Genotype, Drum Cypha and others can be found at:

Jungle Syndicate


Check out the fresh debut EP of Dubmonger aka Morphy along with the new website:

” Dubmonger is a producer with his own take on the dub genre, taking the live-on-the-mixing-desk style, and incorporating elements of ambient and electronic music in his dubbed out experiments. ”

On the site you can purchase exclusive releases and remixes, catch up on news and read reviews and interviews.

Morphy – Experiments in Dub EP

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