Rupture kru Double O & Mantra are proud to announce the launch of their new label Rupture LDN.
Double O and Theory step up to the stage for our debut release, both sides of which have been destroying dance floors for the last few months!

Rupture LDN 001 Theory – Rebel Alliance // Double O – Sufferation by Rupture

“On the A side, Theory’s Rebel Alliance is a thunderous amen rinseout layered with cinematic soundscapes. This track has been heavily road tested and murders the dance every time!
Double O, co-founder of Rupture brings both his production and vocal skills to the B side.
Sufferation is a deep and moody amen track that incorporates soulful pads, heavy dub bass and hardcore stabs.
These trademark Double O sounds make Sufferation a deep and heartfelt track that also causes mayhem on the dancefloor.”

The vinyl will be available from their website on the 28th of May and can also be purchased at the free label launch party, down at Corsica Studios on June the 2nd.

Website: Rupture HQ

Phuture-T Live @ Jungle Syndicate London 13-04-12 by Phuture-T


01 DBR UK – Policies / Morphy Remix
02 Mental Forces & J Robinson – Corruption / Voodoo
03 Double O – Version From Creation (Eastern Promise Audio)
04 Rumbleton – Panther Fist Dub / Phuture-T Remix (Eastern Promise Audio)
05 The Untouchables – Bass Culture
06 Kosine – Pure Shot / Morphy & Meth Remix
07 Dub-One – Watcha Man (Sci-Wax)
08 Parallel & Tim Reaper – We Go Again
09 Phuture-T – Gwarn Badman (DigiBeat Music)
10 Phuture-T – Rupture (DSCI4)
11 Skitty – Dublin (Foundation X)
12 Rumbleton – Lion Structure (Eastern Promise Audio)
13 Double O – Iroy Lion / Phuture-T Remix
14 Gremlinz – The Thorn
15 Rufige Kru – Manslaughter (Rider Proto Mix)
16 Double O – Number One Sound
17 Double O – Why Are We Here? (Eastern Promise Audio)
18 J Majik – Your Sound / Remix (Metalheadz)
19 Equinox – Acid Rain / Breakage Final Chapter rmx (Planet Mu)
20 Paradox – Antilogy
21 Phuture-T – World Awakening
22 Dom & Kemal – Moulin Rouge / Kaos, Karl K & Dieselboy Remix
23 Phuture-T – Turbulence
24 Theory – Rebel Alliance (Rupture LND 001)
25 Dub-One – Below (Sci-Wax)





More sets by Genotype, Drum Cypha and others can be found at:

Jungle Syndicate


Check out the fresh debut EP of Dubmonger aka Morphy along with the new website:

” Dubmonger is a producer with his own take on the dub genre, taking the live-on-the-mixing-desk style, and incorporating elements of ambient and electronic music in his dubbed out experiments. ”

On the site you can purchase exclusive releases and remixes, catch up on news and read reviews and interviews.

Morphy – Experiments in Dub EP

Mantra – 13.13 (Syncopathic.Recordings) by [sub] // SyncopathicRecs

Mantra – Credentials (Syncopathic.Recordings) by [sub] // SyncopathicRecs

Mantra – Forever (Syncopathic.Recordings) by [sub] // SyncopathicRecs

Syncopathic.Recordings proudly presents CREDENTIALS! The very first release of Rupture’s first lady MANTRA. Known around the globe for her legendary London event and radioshow RUPTURE, Mantra makes another mark in her musical career with this excellent, diverse release.

Soundium Words: Syncopathic Recordings is a temple for those who like their beats broken, twisted and splashed with a hint of organic sound. No wonder it is Mantra who joins the ranks of the label, providing you with her ‘Credentials EP’ full diverse goodies of varius paces, styles and moods. The EP opens with ’13.13′ – a wild, frentic and sharp drumfunk-amen roller featuring mesmerizing vocals and an exceptionally moody background – hard to express it in words, so you better go and get it now. The title ‘Credentials’ is completely different – with a slightly trip-hoppish feel, it makes up for a great dubby halftempo roots-styled track. Wikked! The EP closes with ‘Forever’ – a mellow chill-out atmospheric dubstep tune, perfect for a late-night drive around the city. Seal of diversity approval.

SYNCO030 Mantra // Credentials

1 13.13

2 Credentials

3 Forever

Digital Download available at: Juno, Digital-Tunes, Soundium, I-Tunes and Beatport

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Syncopathic Recordings

Get to learn more about rising star Tim Reaper and have a read on the Dogs on Acid forum. Check out the article here:
Tim Reaper Interview on DOA

Also be sure to grab the special mixtape which features Phuture-T’s remix of Rumbleton’s ‘Panther Fist Dub’, due on Eastern Promise Audio! More wicked tracks by Acid Lab, Morphy, Stranjah, Tim Reaper and Phuture-T.


Acid Lab – Density [Syncopathic]
Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]
Aspect, Gremlinz & Friske – Shank [DSCI4 Dub]
Sub Operative – Torment [Dub]
Parallel & Tim Reaper – Vega [Alphacut Dub]
Phuture-T – Indica [Syncopathic]
Greenleaf & Ricky Force – Dangerous [Dub]
Threshold – Checkerboards [DSCI4]
Rumbleton – Panther Fist Dub (Phuture-T Remix) [Eastern Promise Audio Dub]
Code 3 – Living Proof [Exit]
Stranjah – Prominence [DSCI4 Dub]
Resound – Idlers [Renegade Hardware]
NC-17 & Grimm – New Jack [Dub]
Parallapse – Vraery 18 [Dub]
Khanage – Original Sentiment [Architecture]
Phuture-T – Amazon Basin [Alphacut]
Theory – Foundation 11 [Syncopathic]
Morphy – Uptown Special [Alphacut]
Loxy & Resound – Seraphim [Renegade Hardware]
J.Robinson & Shima – Come Correct (ft. Grimm) [Architecture]
Future Cut – Whiplash (Verb Relick) [Renegade Hardware Dub]
Jazzsteppa & Foreign Beggars – Raising The Bar (Stray Remix) [Studio Rockers]
Greenleaf – MercyFunk [Lightless Dub]

Link to the mix: DOA Mix Tim Reaper (right click, save as).