For the launch of our label and website, we offer you a very special free mix for download that contains the sounds of our forthcoming releases. Many artists representing the philosophy of Eastern Promise Audio are included in this, such as Rumbleton, Double O and the Dam Nation crew. It has been mixed by none other than Phuture-T, so don’t sleep on this and download it now at the download links below in high quality.


1 Dam Nation – Anthem part I Eastern Promise Audio Dub

2 Morphy – Dusty Stylus (Bay B Kane Remix) Junglist Manifesto Dub

3 Double O – Version From Creation Eastern Promise Audio EPA002

4 Rumbleton – Panther Fist Dub (Phuture-T Remix) Eastern Promise Audio Dub

5 Dam Nation – Mescaline Eastern Promise Audio EPA001

6 Digital – Watch It  Reinforced

7 Nolige – Blue Hour   free download

8 Logikz & Splinter – Binary Beach  Eastern Promise Audio Dub

9 Flatliners – Winter Dub  Future Thinkin’

10 Dam Nation – Effigy  Eastern Promise Audio Dub

11 Flatliners & Mr Foul – Jah Victory  Foundation X

12 Dam Nation – Anthem pt II  Eastern Promise Audio Dub

13 Splinter – Elder  Eastern Promise Audio EPA

14 Rufige Kru – Dark Metal (Source Direct Remix)  Metalheadz

15 Dam Nation – Ayuthaya  Eastern Promise Audio Dub

16 Dam Nation – Under Dementia  Eastern Promise Audio EPA001

17 Seba & Paradox – As If  Critical

18 Infest – Angoona  Eastern Promise Audio EPA003

19 Double O – Dranis Horror  Eastern Promise Audio EPA002

20 Phuture-T – Turbulence  Eastern Promise Audio EPA004

21 Equinox – Kill Ah Sound  Foundation X

22 Double O – Why Are We Here Eastern Promise Audio EPA002

23 Dam Nation – Anthem pt III Eastern Promise Audio Dub

Drum and Bass/Jungle, mixed by Phuture-T

Download Links:

Eastern Promise Audio Promo Mix by Phuture-T

Direct Download (Right click, save as)