The second part of the Yishi trilogy by Eastern Promise Audio marked its burial, but where to go when something is buried and done with? The final part of the compilation series tells is nothing ever is really done. And although this third part concludes the Yishi series, from EPA’s point of view devotion is only the beginning of a new dawn. This is marked by four new artists displaying their breathtaking skills on the Eastern Promise label to bring this compilation to a relentless ending.

Artists QR or Quasar, Kindred Spirit, Fox, and Drum Cypha are four artists that have been storming the drum ‘n bass grounds in recent years, and can tell us no like other the importance of keeping a true sound alive by being devoted to crafting its art continually and without losing its true spirit. They tell us so through the sound that is Eastern Promise; take darkness with light, having no distinction between beginnings and endings, and never lose sight to what truly shines.

Devotion opens with pioneer QR and a track that is this kind of finesse in its purest form; a simple but steady jungle break just grooves without any trickery, until slowly a Rhodes tune warm like the sun seeps in to warm your skin. A deep bassline soft as a blanket truly opens up the process of devotion in a relaxing and meditative way, making this tune one of the most light tunes EPA ever had the chance to release. Still, listen to this beautiful jazzed up roller and understand it fits right in with the other Yishi material.

Eventually though, this warm up of meditation has to evolve in a more raw form of devotion through the sounds of Greek-based collective Kindred Spirit (featuring Skru), which takes the warming sound of the first tune in the form of oozing oldschool pads while going for a hard hitting jungle grind with delightful jazz flutes and dub sirens to pace the vibes up a bit. Taking us for a while on a deep jungle trip to what is one of the finest bridges we heard for a while, Kindred Spirit easily takes us back to its earlier theme whilst juggling wild styles with extreme ease and control.

Producer Fox then takes us on a much darker path, paying devotion to Yishi by showing its dark side through first taking us through shrieking mentasms and deep bass stabs in a ravey sauce. A deep amen mashup then land you in a wild dance of jungle breaks, while in the background a bright light of pads keeps shining through the darkness, paying a perfect homage to the track’s own title. It goes without saying that the track is a logical continuation of this part of Yishi with a dark and hypnotizing roller signaling the series’ ending.

And what can an ending for Yishi hold anyway? Drum ‘n bass pioneer Drum Cypha provided us with the one and only answer through Kill List, which won’t do nothing but makes your hair stand on end. The bright light of devotion is still present in the intro, leaving at first little clue where the already quite raw breaks are first taking you. And when it comes, the drop will make you feel like being smacked in a complete void, where industrial percussion and hard hitting break are intertwined with bass drones reminding one that between all the light and goodness of the start of this EP another world is to be held in regard, which without Yishi can never be complete.


EPA15 Yishi : Devotion

1 QR – Rising Sun
2 Kindred Spirit – Holy Amen Love
3 Fox – End Of The Tunnel
4 Drum Cypha – Kill List

Release Date: February 2016 (available later on Juno and Digital-Tunes)
Format: wave, flac, alac, aac, ogg, mp3 and more
Artwork: R. Peperkamp
Mastering: T. Van Zeytveld

Buy release on Bandcamp

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