The trilogy of mystery continues as Eastern Promise Audio’s first compilation series enters its second chapter. The second ritual of Yishi follows the former procession which has come to a halt and trusts Yishi to the ground. For this process some known EPA names have signed up to accompany, such as Phuture-T, the Dam Nation crew, Kodama, and newcomer to the label Scale.

As to some a burial can be a sad thing and acknowledging life that once was has come to an end, EPA sees things different in as all things that end must always give way to new beginnings. In this context, it is a celebration and acceptance of the infinite which is both showing its force, yet is too far beyond human understanding to ever reach us fully. It is this contradiction which both devours and enlightens that Burial is trying to achieve in the form of soundscapes.

EPA’s in-house artist Phuture-T opens up on these aural depictions with ‘Stand Firm’, a title which the track does nothing but live up too. Indeed this is a the foretelling of something wicked that is coming, when mysterious pads and horns bring forth vibes of mysterious serenity, while rumbling low filtered breaks foretell a peace which is about to burst. It is when the peaceful sounds stop you realize you’ve been thrown in a world of mayhem and eeriness, where T’s skills morph his amens to such an extent it will make even the most hardcore junglists wince.

The Dam Nation crew takes over next with a track which both is reminiscent of jungle techno vibes and industrial sounds, but at heart being a straight to the floor, no bullshit dancefloor masher.
With one melodic central theme morphing in every direction, the whispers of ghosts and cries of wonder are both heard, while drums of an ominous size pound steady blood pumping jungle breaks under a deep rolling bassline. As a stepper for the floor, ‘Temperature’ demonstrates the cold of the earth itself.

New label member Scale slightly continues the pace of Dam Nation as his piece ‘Motherboard’ is a hard hitting dancefloor stepper with all its ingredients right at your disposal; creeping mentasms, screaming drones, low filtered bass stabs which hit like sledgehammers, and raw pounding breaks which are nothing but reminiscent of the turn of the century hardstep sound being reborn. As Burial brings ends and beginnings together, ‘Motherboard’ does exactly this.

The burial of Yishi closes with a true piece in the spirit of the Eastern Promise Audio franchise, by Kodama (as embodied by Acid_Lab), bringing a hard hitting remix of Akinsa’s track ‘Constant’. Oriental percussion and mysterious strings set the spiritual vibe once again, but soon Kodama keeps on continuing the stepping sound of the EP with hard hitting drums and larger than life bass stabs in an oldschool fashion. Once again spirits are crying like the wind as morphing leads do to accompany them. As such, Yishi’s burial ends in style.

Yishi will come to a close in the not too far future in a way that, for now, we can only say is going to be relentless but just. Soon.


EPA14 Yishi : Burial

1 Phuture-T – Stand Firm
2 Dam Nation – Temperature
3 Scale – Motherboard
4 Akinsa – Constant (Kodama Remix)

Release Date: December 2015 (available later on Juno and Digital-Tunes)
Format: wave, flac, alac, aac, ogg, mp3 and more
Written & Produced by: T. van Zeytveld, H. Terpstra, K. Ekman, P. Krause, D. Schwerdel
Artwork: R. Peperkamp
Mastering: T. Van Zeytveld

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