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Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present the latest Dam Nation EP which is nothing short of a little work of art. After meticulous studying and especially listening to the feel and sound of old spy movies and plays, the Dam Nation crew created a series of drum ’n bass pieces which attempted to blend the atmosphere of shadows, dark alleys, and cigarette smoke with creeping jungle sounds. The result just has to be heard to be understood.

Imagine yourself walking through dark, rainy streets at night with the feeling someone is spying on you, and this might be only a first hint at how the sound of the Double Agent EP can be described. It also tries to convey the smoky atmosphere of sleazy bars, gambling parlors, femme fatales, and long raincoats. Stepping aside from their usual sound,
Dam Nation has created a unique work of art that captures these scenes in this unique EP.

The Spy EP opens with Mulholland Bound, which literally puts the needle on wax and after starting with a friendly bar atmosphere, the track suddenly flips to a mysterious sound of vibes, organs, and clarinets against pulsating dub rhythms, oozing towards a silence only broken by a heartbeat and harrowing clarinets. Double basses and ruff hitting rhythms then take up the track. The dark atmosphere gets completed by stabbing warp basses, invoking increasing feelings of paranoia.

Next track in line is a special remix from Logikz and Reactor Grits, who remixed the track Poker Acing twice (the first one can be found on the EPA website for free), and crafted a skillful piece of enigmatic vibes and flutes against jazzy double bass sounds with minimal but forceful breaks. With the sudden interruption by a classic solo which can be only said to be both light and dark, the track pulls the listener more and more into the Spy EP’s web of mystery.

Stage 3 brings us to A Routine Check, which opens with raindrops and a band playing dark melodies through muted trumpets, vibes, and brushes, the EP builds up towards a rougher edge where dub and brass stabs are intertwined with rolling breaks and ear caressing strings.

With many mysterious effects and subtle percussion, the EP rolls on to the last and most haunting track, On Their Tail. Creeping bells and rotary speaker-driven Hammonds play a dissonant sound which signal for a dark finale. Soon the breaks start hitting at their hardest while double bass sounds play harrowing dark jazz patterns over screaming brass stabs. A classical intermission seems to soften the ride, but a raw bass tour de force interrupts this and grabs the listener once more unexpectedly. Ultimately though,
Dam Nation doesn’t shy away of concluding with some warm bossa only for you, to end this EP on a lighter tip.

Eastern Promise Audio EPA007 is for sale online exclusively from Bandcamp from the 5th of May 2013

EPA007: Double Agent EP
Artist: Dam Nation

A: Dam Nation – Mulholland Bound
B: Dam Nation – Poker Acing (Log & Grits In Between Remix)
C: Dam Nation – A Routine Check
D: Dam Nation – On Their Tail

Release Date: May 5th, 2013
Format: mp3, wave, aac, flac, alac, ogg
Mastering: T. van Zeytveld
Artwork: R. Peperkamp


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After the massive success of EPA’s last Rumbleton EP, the holidays are here and Eastern Promise
Audio decided to do something special for the fans; the new and first Dam Nation EP entitled
Deeper Heights will be available for free… that is, the choice to donate is up to you!

It is that time of the year when everybody tries get nicer, warmer, and fatter. A good time for us
to think about all of you, who have been supporting us over the last year by listening, dropping,
twisting, buying and hopefully enjoying the releases. The Eastern Promise Audio crew has therefore
prepared a nice and fat gift for all our loyal headz out there. In the form of… you guessed it,
more beats. In this exclusive FREE release (although donations are always welcome of course),
the production force Dam Nation have put together a special showcase consisting of 3 tracks in 3
different styles.

The first track is entitled “Dam Nation Anthem”, and introduces the Dam Nation crew and EP in
rough and craftily switched hip-hop style. Expect the unexpected; from rough and highly compressed
beats to catchy marching pianos and brassy horns, it’s all present and scratched and sometimes
reversed to boot. If you’re a lover of dark, jazzy breaks and this won’t make your head move, we
wonder what will.

As we roll on to the next track, “Deeper Heights” slipstreams into Dam Nation’s unique and dissonant
approach to drum and bass. The basslines are mangled squashed and stretched; they seem to drag
you through Dam Nation’s trademark sharp breaks while the sonic soundscape around it gets filled
up with sequences of madness and confusion. Accompanied by hard hitting brass stabs and a wide
spectrum of strange percussion, this is cold and dark drum ‘n bass just like the holidays.

The final track, “Into The Water”, ends the showcase by submerging the listener into a twisted
bubbling and throbbing ambient madness. Sit down in comfort, close your eyes, and you will soon
feel yourself in a strange world that only you can envision for a full five minutes. Follow the current
to the end of this track and you might never see the light again.

All an all, the Deeper Heights EP captures the capabilities of Dam Nation’s unique experimental
modernism and their skill in applying it to a varied spectrum of styles.

This release is downloadable through our Bandcamp store from December the 22nd 2012. This
is a FREE or “name your price” download. Our number of free download slots will be large but
not unlimited so watch this space for further updates on when it goes live to secure your copy!

EPAF01: Dam Nation – Deeper Heights EP

A: Dam Nation – Dam Nation Anthem
B: Dam Nation – Deeper Heights
C: Dam Nation – Into The Water

Release Date: 22-12-2012
Format: mp3, wave, flac, ogg
Mastering: T. van Zeytveld
Artwork: R. Peperkamp


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Happy holidays, Dam Nation kru, Eastern Promise Audio




Eastern Promise Audio’s second EP and 6th release is all centered on Toronto-based producer Rumbleton, who after several outstanding releases has been hailed under the label’s flag.
This time the connection stretches from Toronto to London back to Amsterdam,
where EPA residents Double O and Phuture-T have both contributed remixes of Rumbleton’s tracks to make this release one of the most forceful yet!

With this release Eastern Promise Audio celebrates their first anniversary, which needed to be done in style.
The cold days are upon us again which call for some cold, dark sounds to go along.
Rumbletons tracks Lion Structure and Panther Fist where the perfect choice.
To push the envelope even further the release will also feature exclusive remixes by Double O and Phuture-T.
The result is a menacing half hour of both tribal and oriental vibes blended through the original Eastern Promise recipe.

The Tracks:

A: Rumbleton – Lion Structure

” The EP’s title track Lion Structure is all about affirming Rumbleton’s skills to contribute to Eastern Promise Audio.
Opening with deep nyabinghi sounds and reggae vibes in a halfstep beat, the tune opens as a walk through a dark piece of jungle in the inner lands of Jamaica, with dub sirens amplifying the vibe.
It then erupts into a collision of dub vibes and mashing jungle breaks.”

B: Rumbleton – Lion Structure (Double O Remix)

” Both it’s spiritual and philosophical character have been perfectly taken into consideration when Double O did the remix of the track on the flipside,
where lays down breaks over the tune’s vibes as only he can put them down. More twisted but just as exalted as the original, it has to be heard to be believed.”

C: Rumbleton – Panther Fist

” The rasta vibes make way for more oriental ones on the next plate. Rumbleton opens up his second track Panther Fist with cold, mysterious pads and kung fu vibes against a palette of various jungle breaks hitting the ears like gunfire.
The drums rain down and slide past you as if choreographed by Shaolin monks, while deep rolling bass stabs bring back that distinct oldskool feel that completes the track’s timeless fusion.”

D: Rumbleton – Panther Fist (Phuture-T Remix)

” Phuture-T then closes the EP as only he can do it, by remixing Panther Fist into one of the most dangerous examples of raw drumfunk that EPA has offered so far.
While holding the original track in high regard, he goes one step beyond by blending hard hitting stabs and creepy effects into a dark canvas of stampede while breathing the original’s martial arts;
ending the EPA 1 year celebration EP with a blast.”

Eastern Promise Audio EPA06 is be for sale now exclusively from Bandcamp,
and will be available on Juno Download and Digital-Tunes from November 11th, 2012.

EPA06 Lion Structure EP
Artist: Rumbleton
A: Rumbleton – Lion Structure
B: Rumbleton – Lion Structure (Double O Remix)
C: Rumbleton – Panther Fist
D: Rumbleton – Panther Fist (Phuture-T Remix)
Release Date: october 7th, 2012
Format: mp3 and wave
Mastering: Macc
Artwork: R. Peperkamp


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release please contact info@easternpromiseaudio.com.

The fifth release from Eastern Promise Audio brings the sounds of Dutch DJ and producer Splinter, who after various releases makes his debut on the label
with some of the darkest sounds it has yet to offer.
The two tracks presented on the 5th release of the label, Elder and Dominion,
are bothworks where dark ambiance is intertwined with both raw and minimal breaks.

The two tracks have for long been reserved by the label as Splinter’s debut, since the two tracks
presented on the release were regarded as some of the most outstanding material that Splinter has
produced yet over the years. They also suit the label’s sound it tries to seek perfectly; dark, oriental
sounds meet raw drum ‘n bass once again in the Eastern Promise fashion.

Elder is without a doubt a dark trip as much as one can go wrong; deep percussion hits and oozing high passed beats signal a storm of sheer magnitude,
as raw breaks start filling the spectrum and winds blaze in the background.
It subsides into a collision where psychedelic, acidized sounds roll over deep bass stabs and tearing leads,
while snares cut through it literally sounding as knifes cutting through.
It has got to be heard to understand, since one can only envision their own world of what dark vibes this track is able to conjure. ”

” After this very much dark ride, the B-side of EPA 05 brings a more minimal and controlled sound with Dominion,
where the still present dark vibe is brought differently through more playful, techstep oriented breaks with a minimal approach.
Rather than evoking a kind of fear as Elder did, Splinter is able to make the dark vibes swinging here, even sexy.
This makes Dominion a track that essentially belongs to the dancefloor, as it apart from its futuristic, dark vibes, was made to make the body move. ”

Eastern Promise Audio EPA05 is now for sale on Bandcamp, Juno Download and Digital-Tunes!

EPA05: A: Elder, B: Dominion
Artist: Splinter
Release Date: 01-07-2012
Format: mp3 and wave

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Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present its fourth release featuring the sounds of upcoming and superb Dutch producer Infest,
who has proven himself already for some time to be a new main force in the drum ‘n bass scene.
For EPA however, he has created two very atmospheric and subliminal works which fit the label’s profile of mystery, darkness, and beauty.
Being already played widely by DJ’s for some time now, EPA04 has been anticipated for a long time.

” Infest starts his quest of bringing the EPA sound on the A-side with Angoona, which breathes nothing but an array of beauty and wonder through shining pads and saxophones tearing to set the mood. Heavy artillery however accompanies this theme when heavy amen breaks guaranteeing a mad ride which both show this song to be intelligent and dark at the same time. No matter how this song will be viewed, it shall reveal itself both as a firm dancefloor stepper and spiritual caressing for the ears.”

” The intelligent mood subsides for quite a bit on the B-side, where oozing, windy synths introduce a much darker landscape which prepares for a storm. Mindless is indeed a unique blend of eerie, mysterious sounds against a background of raw drumfunk and rolling basses that will press on your stomach for quite a bit. The sun which still seemed present on the flipside is gone, and now darkness surrounds the final installment of Infest’s introduction on the EPA label, which is however making
sure he goes out as he came in; with a blast.”

Eastern Promise Audio EPA04 is for sale online from Bandcamp, Juno Download, Digital-Tunes, and Chemical Records.

EPA04: A: Angoona, B: Mindless
Artist: Infest
Release Date: 31-03-2012
Format: mp3 and wave
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Eastern Promise Audio is assiduously continuing its quest with the third release of their brand, which will bring more of the sounds of the Dam Nation crew, who brought the label´s first release.
This time the crew brings an ambiance blended of horror and mystery, together with their unique brand of breaks to full potential with EPA03, featuring the tracks Dante´s Theorem and Effigy.

” The 5-headed production force opens EPA03 on the A-side with Dante´s Theorem, which indeed was inspired by his writings from the Divine Comedy.
The artists tried to translate the book´s atmosphere, resulting in a both light and dark sounds surrounded by mystery; opening up with icy pads and percussion,
the tune slowly progresses into a firm dance floor stepper with deep bass stabs while retaining its hellish atmosphere.
As with most of Dam Nation´s tunes, it keeps on progressing as if telling a story, like in Dante´s spiritual journey.
Switching between layers of serenity and sudden horror, this track draws sharp contrasts and tries to bring a different structure to pay homage to both Dante and Russian director Tarkovsky.”

” EPA´s third release stays in a spiritual realm when it continues on the B-side with Effigy. It seemingly presents a soft atmosphere full of subtle percussion and raindrops,
but already from the onset of the drums tells that this trip is also not going to be as light as previously felt.
It tries to symbolize both the fear and peace that depictions of death bring in its sound by bringing no rigid definition of light or dark;
They are brought together in harmony to demonstrate a serenity that is neither happy nor sad.
Both tribal percussion and vocals accompany the sound to emphasize this experience, whilst heavy subs roll over a blend of drumfunk and oldschool jungle breaks.”

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EPA03: A: Dante’s Theorem, B: Effigy
Artist: Dam Nation
Release Date: 30-01-2012
Format: mp3 and wave
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