Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present its fourth release featuring the sounds of upcoming and superb Dutch producer Infest,
who has proven himself already for some time to be a new main force in the drum ‘n bass scene.
For EPA however, he has created two very atmospheric and subliminal works which fit the label’s profile of mystery, darkness, and beauty.
Being already played widely by DJ’s for some time now, EPA04 has been anticipated for a long time.

” Infest starts his quest of bringing the EPA sound on the A-side with Angoona, which breathes nothing but an array of beauty and wonder through shining pads and saxophones tearing to set the mood. Heavy artillery however accompanies this theme when heavy amen breaks guaranteeing a mad ride which both show this song to be intelligent and dark at the same time. No matter how this song will be viewed, it shall reveal itself both as a firm dancefloor stepper and spiritual caressing for the ears.”

” The intelligent mood subsides for quite a bit on the B-side, where oozing, windy synths introduce a much darker landscape which prepares for a storm. Mindless is indeed a unique blend of eerie, mysterious sounds against a background of raw drumfunk and rolling basses that will press on your stomach for quite a bit. The sun which still seemed present on the flipside is gone, and now darkness surrounds the final installment of Infest’s introduction on the EPA label, which is however making
sure he goes out as he came in; with a blast.”

Eastern Promise Audio EPA04 is for sale online from Bandcamp, Juno Download, Digital-Tunes, and Chemical Records.

EPA04: A: Angoona, B: Mindless
Artist: Infest
Release Date: 31-03-2012
Format: mp3 and wave
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