After the massive success of EPA’s last Rumbleton EP, the holidays are here and Eastern Promise
Audio decided to do something special for the fans; the new and first Dam Nation EP entitled
Deeper Heights will be available for free… that is, the choice to donate is up to you!

It is that time of the year when everybody tries get nicer, warmer, and fatter. A good time for us
to think about all of you, who have been supporting us over the last year by listening, dropping,
twisting, buying and hopefully enjoying the releases. The Eastern Promise Audio crew has therefore
prepared a nice and fat gift for all our loyal headz out there. In the form of… you guessed it,
more beats. In this exclusive FREE release (although donations are always welcome of course),
the production force Dam Nation have put together a special showcase consisting of 3 tracks in 3
different styles.

The first track is entitled “Dam Nation Anthem”, and introduces the Dam Nation crew and EP in
rough and craftily switched hip-hop style. Expect the unexpected; from rough and highly compressed
beats to catchy marching pianos and brassy horns, it’s all present and scratched and sometimes
reversed to boot. If you’re a lover of dark, jazzy breaks and this won’t make your head move, we
wonder what will.

As we roll on to the next track, “Deeper Heights” slipstreams into Dam Nation’s unique and dissonant
approach to drum and bass. The basslines are mangled squashed and stretched; they seem to drag
you through Dam Nation’s trademark sharp breaks while the sonic soundscape around it gets filled
up with sequences of madness and confusion. Accompanied by hard hitting brass stabs and a wide
spectrum of strange percussion, this is cold and dark drum ‘n bass just like the holidays.

The final track, “Into The Water”, ends the showcase by submerging the listener into a twisted
bubbling and throbbing ambient madness. Sit down in comfort, close your eyes, and you will soon
feel yourself in a strange world that only you can envision for a full five minutes. Follow the current
to the end of this track and you might never see the light again.

All an all, the Deeper Heights EP captures the capabilities of Dam Nation’s unique experimental
modernism and their skill in applying it to a varied spectrum of styles.

This release is downloadable through our Bandcamp store from December the 22nd 2012. This
is a FREE or “name your price” download. Our number of free download slots will be large but
not unlimited so watch this space for further updates on when it goes live to secure your copy!

EPAF01: Dam Nation – Deeper Heights EP

A: Dam Nation – Dam Nation Anthem
B: Dam Nation – Deeper Heights
C: Dam Nation – Into The Water

Release Date: 22-12-2012
Format: mp3, wave, flac, ogg
Mastering: T. van Zeytveld
Artwork: R. Peperkamp


Buy release on Bandcamp

Happy holidays, Dam Nation kru, Eastern Promise Audio

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