To wake you up for this new decade, Eastern Promise Audio returns with their first remix album, centered around a new jungle scorcher by Papa Shanti & Somah called Ear to the Ground. Next to the original it offers no less than 5 remixes by both newcomers and established EPA artists Earl Grey, Optimystic, Phuture-T, Pixl and Reactor Grits.

Being residents with the Unity Sessions sound system in North West England, Papa Shanti & Somah have teamed up to combine their razor sharp skills in dub and jungle to bring Eastern Promise a track which makes you feel the hot breeze of the Jamaican jungle over your skin while wild amen breaks dropkick you down to your center. Making you feel the summer in the heart of this winter, Ear to the Ground gives you the sounds of pure dub to the point of a highly meditative state along with wild jungle styles rolling from one break to the other.

Optimystic starts off with a firm drumfunk twist on the track, where Arabic sounds and growling bass stabs accompany the original vibe, ultimately culminating in a state of bliss without losing its firm grip. Earl Grey then takes over in a mind soothing jungle lick where one seems to drift further and further into an intense dream state with each passing minute, making for a calmer but also firm and sexy vibe. Reactor Grits then takes the track into the realm of modern jungle techno sounds where after some firm rave stabs and jungle mashup ultimately a big climax shall dictate its sound. Pixl takes the track into the depths of drumfunk science, twisting the breaks over the original serene sound with percussion drums to add a deep and funky groove. Finally, it is up to Phuture-T to close the curtain with a storm of funky mule breaks breaking your teeth, roaring bass works and the dub vibe of the original expanded into infinity.

Drawing to almost three quarters of an hour, Eastern Promise’s first remix album not only provides you with both new and established talent it always aims to push, but also with the vibe of a track which keeps its edge strongly throughout listening. This is a trip celebrating dub and jungle’s finest hour.


EPA18: Papa Shanti & Somah – Ear to the Ground EP

1 Original
2 Optimystic remix
3 Earl Grey remix
4 Reactor Grits remix
5 Pixl remix
6 Phuture-T remix

Release Date: January 2020
Artwork: R. Peperkamp
Mastering: T. Van Zeytveld

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