Eastern Promise Audio has decided to linger on in the States after the Pattern Hoax EP which centered around martianMan and Greenleaf, to present two more rising stars enriching the EPA sound going under the name of Goreteks. These guys from Denver, Colorado have already proven through various recent releases their skills, and were not hesitant to take up the task of putting down the Eastern Promise vibe.

Although the summer days are kicking off, Eastern Promise takes you to the heights of snowy mountains to reach a higher level in your mind. Whether it is in the Rockies or the mountains of Tibet, Goreteks displays on the 12th release of Eastern Promise Audio that both share an aura of mystic, dark sounds that almost makes you feel the cold mountain wind cut in your skin. Therefore, it’s time to ease this cold and meditate with the sounds of ‘Tibetan’ and ‘Canister’.

Starting with the A-side, ‘Tibetan’ opens with an empty feeling of mist and desolation, as if one is alone up at a great height and no point of reference is to be seen. Mysterious flute and koto sounds then start to play enchanting melodies to calm these restless feelings down, and uplifting short but hard striking taiko drums perpetuate this spiritual feeling until firm jungle breaks start to roll and deep subs roll down these heights. This clash of a harsh environment up in the clouds and deep meditation therefore form the basis of this track; bringing unity of both.

The B-side intensifies this feeling, although ‘Canister’ signals from the beginning that the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and darkness has replaced the light that was just still felt. Hard hitting breaks and dissonant pads reflect this turn, while oriental percussion sounds still continue the sound of the spiritual. Deep bass stabs and drones accompany these, while the wind keeps intensifying and wheezing flutes personify this feeling. Indeed, ‘Canister’ tells us in the end that the dark is simply and ally of the light and one can never go without the other. This is a pillar of the Eastern Promise Audio philosophy, and therefore you’re wholeheartedly invited to take this ride.


Artists: Goreteks
A – Tibetan
B – Canister

Release Date: July, 2015 (available later on Juno and Digital-Tunes)
Format: wave, flac, alac, aac, ogg, mp3 and more
Written & Produced by: T. Strode, T, Schroder
Mastering: T. Van Zeytveld
Artwork: R. Peperkamp

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