Want to hear fresh forthcoming releases by Phuture-T? Getting signed with wicked labels such as Syncopathic Recordings by Sub and Trace’s legendary imprint DSCI4, Phuture-T is bringing pure jungle and drumfunk vibes to the masses.
Check out the clips featured on soundcloud below:

Phuture-T – Rupture (forthcoming on DSCI4: Amen Warfare, double CD out dec12-2011) by Phuture-T

Phuture-T – Indica The Syncopaths Vol. 3 soon come by Phuture-T

Phuture-T – Cultivate Danger Chamber LP out now! by Phuture-T

Phuture-T – Jungle (What Happened To) United Nations of Jungle / Junglist Manifesto (jan 2012) by Phuture-T

Phuture-T Live at Rupture 5th B-Day, Corsica Studios 11.11.11 by Phuture-T


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