Dub Of The Living Dead, the second EP from Dubmonger is available now, exclusively from the Dubmonger Shop on Bandcamp.

This 6 track EP sees the Dubmonger in a much more minimal setting, letting the mixing desk manipulation and effects take the spotlight.

These are some tracks that feature on the EP:

” Mountain Dub rises like the morning sun over gentle atmospherics and a subtle locomotive-esque percussion that chugs along, projecting a serene aura of warm vibes to lift your spirits. ”

” The Dubmonger continues the zen-like vibes on a more up-beat note with Crumble where the bass swings and sways along to reverberated congas and titbits of dissipating piano keys, dubbed to infinity. ”

” Version 2 is an energetic fusion of dancehall styles and downtempo grooves. Dubmonger craftily furthers this union, blending sub tones with a bubbling natty bassline and plucked guitar dubs for a live-feel. ”

For extra info and more audio clips check out: Dubmonger.com

These wicked tunes by badman Dubmonger can be purchased exclusively from the Dubmonger Shop. Buy the release here: Dubmonger Shop

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